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by Irradiation

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(Intro) 00:44
Atomic Desolation I won't listen to your shit Corruption makes me bloody sick Societies run by blatant lies Controlling us until we die Totalitarian police state World-wide economic rape Mankind's only salvation...? Atomic desolation! Toxic levels of radiation Black scorched earth, devastation Lethal fallout, acid rain Wreaking havoc, bringing pain Skeletons of steel and glass Catacombs for the brainwashed masses Ruins filled with charred remains This lifeless world shall be our grave!
Crisis 02:59
Crisis They get involved in foreign wars Missiles knocking at their doors Invading countries for their oil Destroyed cultures bloodied soil (They've got) No mind of their own Just a gun and some orders "Bomb all the infidels!" Televized beheadings and murder National insecurity Power hungry war machines Fuel for global crisis More terrorists from ISIS Kidnapped with no demands for ransom Examples of brutality on display Extremists spread like excrement Depraved, no sense, deranged Propaganda glorifying Fight and die for religions Tricked into enlisting Conned into conscription
Bestial 01:36
Bestial Stinking putrefacted piles Decay and rotting make me smile Cesspools leaking gasses Causing putrid burning rashes! Morbid lust, scabs and crust! Dead and cold, the stench of mold! Throbbing, and swelling, scabbed, and pussing, Blood and semen, mixing and seeping Itching and flaking, diseased and scraping, Her skin is blue... Mine's red and aching!
Incorrect 02:45
Incorrect Political correctness, oh, what a mess Illogical people who lack common sense Feelings go first, facts come later Attacking opinions, no life matters Attention seekers... assume and harrass! No middle ground, just arguments biased The social justice warriors Regurgitated verbal attacks Policing our thoughts Mental concentration camps Imposing and judging, under veil of equality No excuse for privelege , guilty of bigotry!
Legions 02:08
Legions Legions marching, taking with force Mental torment, physical torture, Anguished souls on battlefields barren Surrounded by the rotted fallen Forced possession, don’t try resisting Overwhelming aggression charging Impaled by their bayonets Suffocate on their toxic gasses No need for rest, relentless attack! Heavy artillery, mortar and flak Hear the signal, sound the cry Watch them marching off to die!
Pissed in the Pit Flailing arms, flying elbows Bleeding lips, broken noses Drunken violence, cracking ribs Adrenalin is kicking in Pissed... in the pit Bloodied, and bruised, a knee to your face Pissed... in the pit Tearing it up, and thrashing the place Beer is spilled on the ground Bodies get shoved around Broken chairs, shards of glass Stop to think, you're on your ass
Pathogen 02:17
Pathogen Clouds streaking in the skies Generous sprayings of pesticides Chemicals buildup, persisting lethality Poisoning our cities, building toxicites Production and application With no regard to effects Seizures and paralysis From exposure to pathogens (Spoken part) Synthetic seeds and modified genes Irradiated breeds and cancerous vaccines Delayed release nanomachines Man made virus, controlled disease!
(Intermission) (free) 00:35
Open Eyes 02:47
Open Eyes Whoa-oh, whoa-oh Open your eyes The government lies Whoa-oh, whoa-oh The government lies And their innocents die Our tax dollars just go to waste On Trump and Trudeau's expensive tastes They dont listen to anything we've gotta say Doing things their greedy way Don't listen to what... they try to tell ya! Don't eat what... they try to feed ya!
Senses Attuned Senses attuned, reflexes like lightning Fangs razor pointed, claws sharp and frightening Vision so honed, eyes always in focus Ears sensitized so that nothing is missed Instinctual... hunter ...Natural born killers! Blood-thirsty... terror ...Primal and feral! Prowling I stalk, under cover of night My prey unwitting, no chance for flight I watch and I wait for the opportune moment Make no mistakes, one swift movement Launch from position, strike instantly Kill with precision, death comes suddenly Morbid satisfaction, a deed so deadly Corporeal mess, your soul's now free
Darkest Dawn 01:51
Darkest Dawn Pestilence and war Atomic bombers soar Bringing death and pain Beginning of black days Decimating everyone, Don't try to resist Smash their skulls, and spill their brains Their throats must all be slit! Pestilence and war Atomic bombers soar Bringing death and pain Beginning of black days Total devastation Come, annihilation Taste your destruction Plague and death we summon The darkest dawn!
Shattered 02:49
Shattered (When) We relax and try to unwind We enjoy the joy of a joint "Mary jane" is our best bud She makes us all feel Alright! ...Alright! (We'll) scrape some resin, and make some hash That sweet sticky hippie crack Buckets, ice and bags, butane extractors Brewing bubble hash and batches of Shatter! ...Shattered! Each and every little roach An experience of its own Chronicles, a tale to tell So many clouds of smoke Cut it, bust it, grind it all Meticulously grown Pack it in, Rip it up Tokin' till we choke! ...Choke! Blaze the pain, and the day away Lungs gasping, and totally breathless Minds racing, panicked and anxious The world turns, convulses and Shatters! ...Shatters!
Protest to Exist Thoughts go unspoken, crimes go unpunished We've got to stand up It's time to resist Toying with fate, mixing up DNA Pollution they create, it's time to start change (It's) Time to revolt, it's time to, fucking resist! You've gotta protest, If you want to exist! Revolt! Resist! Protest To exist! We can't just leave it for tomorrow There's no more time for us to borrow You've gotta make your voices heard And separate off from the herd
Last Minute 01:39
Last Minute Mass production of toxic waste Sick pollution of rivers, and lakes Sudden mutations, broken food chains Acidification of the rain We need action now, no time to procrastinate Rancid acid clouds shouldn't be our fate Burning petro-chemicals, humanity is ignorant Our future will be shit if we leave it till last minute
Among Us 03:01
Among Us Aliens, they live among us Altering genetics Aliens, controlling us Their human experiments Crop circles, mysterious abductions Alien implants, mutilations Advanced technology, visitations Hybrid creatures ruling our nations!


Irradiation's debut full length album.


released October 28, 2017


Mixed, Mastered, Engineered, Produced by
at AudioRange Recordings, Jan. - Sept. 2017
All music by IRRADIATION
All lyrics by Justin Bilodeau
Design and layout by IRRADIATION

Samples on "Among Us" from
Midnight in the Desert, 06-08-2017
and ABC News, 07-08-1947
Additional gang vocals by
Tyson Kolp, James Dusik, Spencer Barton
Photographs by
Matthew Burmatoff, Thomas McDonald, Keely Marie, Jacqueline Radcliffe, and Nikki Newlove

Irradiation would like to thank
Paddy Henry and Kathy Bilodeau for letting us make noise in the basement since 2014, Mike Rogers and the West Metal Entertainment crew, Nikki Newlove and Keely Marie for their loving support as girlfriends, Spencer Barton, James Dusik, Tyson Kolp, Milan Betrucci, Jesse Valstar, Joey Hockin, Marlow Deiter, Otto, Susan and Chynna Hoekstra, Louise, Ed and Randy Cerniuk, Karin Parson, Brooklyn Cerniuk, Mason Cerniuk, James O'Reilly, Trevor Gonzato, Adam Conroy, WMD, ArkenFire, Displaced, Jean-Paul Griffin, Bill Alcock, Greg Luyben, Corey Bell, Edward Brown, Rachel Rossi, Jesse "J-Mar" Marshall, Matt Burmatoff, Thomas McDonald, the staff at Muninn's Post, and the rest of our amazing friends and fans for keeping our scene alive!

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Irradiation Kelowna, British Columbia

Formed in 2014, Irradiation's music is the true definition of sonic anarchy. They're a Thrash metal / Crust Punk band from Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada, and have released 3 EPs, as well as numerous jam recordings. They are influenced by a broad range of musical styles but some key influences are: The Dayglo Abortions, Metallica, Sepultura, Nuclear Assault, D.R.I., and Discharge to name a few. ... more

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